SO-CAL DELIVERY SYSTEMS, INC. Experience.  Our drivers have been working in this market for more than 10 years and are ready to work for you. Reliable. Service is time sensitive and you have options as to how fast you want your delivery to be completed. Options. We handle deliveries from a single envelope to packages weighing thousands of pounds.   Experience. Reliability. Options. You've worked hard preparing your documents and packages and it's important they be picked up and delivered exactly as you request. Don't leave this in the hands of just anyone!  Contact Us Today! For more info and rates  So-Cal Delivery Systems, Inc. (619) 342 2377  You can order online now! delivery   is a Courier Service Company based in San Diego, CA. and operating all throughout Southern California.          “WE WORK FOR YOU!!” SERVICES AVAILIABLE 24/7 YOU CAN ORDER ONLINE!!